Governor Jan Brewer Gets Huge Boost in Polls Following SB 1070, Photo-Radar Kibosh, and Sales-Tax Hike

While signing Arizona's controversial, new immigration bill and her plan to ditch Arizona's photo-radar program apparently made Governor Jan Brewer one of the popular kids again, Prop 100 getting voter approval may have taken her popularity to the level of homecoming queen.

Looks like listening to your constituents -- even if their knuckles often hit the floor when they walk -- can earn you a little street cred.

According to a Rasmussen poll released yesterday, Brewer's approval rating is now 85-percent among likely GOP primary voters, and she now holds at least a 27-point lead over each of her primary opponents.

Brewer now would get 45 percent of the vote in the primary field, according to the poll. That's a 19-point boost from a similar poll conducted a month ago.

Owen "Buz" Mills, Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin, and former Arizona Board of Regents President John Munger didn't do so hot in the Rasmussen's latest tally.

According to the new poll, Mills and Martin each have 18 percent to Brewer's 45, and Munger only could muster 3 percent of the vote.

In the previous poll, Brewer had 26 percent support among respondents, followed by Mills with 18 percent, Munger with 14 percent, and Martin with 12.
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James King
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