Governor Jan Brewer Gives Republican Senators a Tongue Lashing Over Sales Tax Increase

Governor Jan Brewer released a statement Wednesday berating members of her own party who have vehemently refused to support sending a 1-cent sales tax increase to the ballot in November.

"I trust the people of Arizona. But, I am deeply disappointed that some Members of the Arizona State Senate do not," Brewer says in the statement. "They have so little trust in the voters, that they would once again delay the passage of a sound state budget, and deny the people an opportunity to protect critical funding for education, public safety, and care for our most vulnerable citizens. Their actions are irresponsible, create an increasing cost to state taxpayers and, if not resolved quickly, will do irreparable harm to our families and our economic future."


Brewer is of course referring to a group of three Republican senators who have refused to toe the party line and support the sales tax increase.

The Governor has been trying to woo Senators Pam Gorman, Carolyn Allen, and Ron Gould for the last several weeks to no avail. There has been speculation over the course of the budget battle that each of them would cave, but nobody has budged. Now it seems as though Brewer might have to do the unthinkable: start talking to democrats.

"The state budget is neither a Republican, nor a Democratic problem, it is a problem for all of Arizona," Brewer says. "I intend to continue to work with legislators from both sides of the aisle."

This has left House Minority Leader David Lujan perplexed.

"I wonder who that is?" Lujan tells the Arizona Guardian. " 'Start' working with Democrats would be a more appropriate word."

And just like that, the Governor was "zing'd" right back.

Sooner or later these people are just gonna have to resort to bare-knuckle boxing matches in the capitol lawn. To the winner goes the sales tax, and the loser gets a complimentary "I survived budget battle '09" tee shirt, and stitches.  

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