Governor Jan Brewer has One More Day to Veto Fireworks Bill but Who Cares; Bill Only Allows Lamest Fireworks Known to Man

A bill that would legalize certain types of fireworks in Arizona is sitting on Governor Jan Brewer's desk, awaiting the governor's signature, veto, or inaction -- in which case, the bill would become law without the governor's signature.

We're not sure how Jan's gonna play this one, but it only seems logical that fireworks be legal in a state where just about any hillbilly with a trigger-finger can bring their concealed handgun to a bar.

Brewer vetoed a similar bill last year, but this time around, Brewer has let the bill sit on her desk until today, the deadline for her to veto HB 2246.

The bill allows for what lawmakers describe as "permissible, consumer fireworks."

We were curious what exactly the Legislature felt were "permissible" fireworks and, after going over the bill a few times, all we can say is don't get too excited.

It turns out that the "fireworks" included in the bill are -- as expected -- only the crappy ones.

If you're into sparklers, ground snakes, and smoke bombs, you're in luck. But the hard stuff --  bottle rockets, M-80s, and anything designed to "detonate in the air, or fly above the ground" -(a.k.a. the best types of fireworks) -- would still be a no-no in the Grand Canyon State if the bill becomes law.

Click here for a list of the fireworks the state Legislature feels you're responsible enough to handle.

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