Governor Jan Brewer Signs Bill Legalizing Lame Fireworks; Cool Fireworks Still Illegal

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, in her current wave of playing election year politics actually making tough decisions, signed a bill into law yesterday that legalizes certain types of fireworks in parts of Arizona.

Brewer, who could have just let the bill become law without her signature, threw her Jane Hancock on the bill yesterday afternoon, despite vetoing a similar bill last year.

The new law isn't an explosives free-for-all -- the only fireworks permitted are the lame ones, like sparklers and ground snakes. Any fireworks that "detonate in the air, or fly above the ground" (a.k.a. the best types of fireworks) are still a no-no in the Grand Canyon State.

The new law also gives local municipalities the option of banning fireworks within their jurisdictions and gives counties the ability to regulate areas with a reasonable risk of wildfire.

The bill that Brewer vetoed last year didn't give towns and counties the option of banning fireworks, and its inclusion is probably what got the gov to reconsider.

Fire departments across the state are already outraged by the bill, saying the use of fireworks will inevitably lead to devastating wild fires.

Several fire chiefs, including Scottsdale Fire Marshal Jim Ford, are planning to draft city ordinances banning fireworks within the borders of their jurisdictions.

The law takes effect on December 1. 

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