Governor Jan Brewer Struggling for Campaign Cash; the Budget Crisis Might Be Part of Her Problem

Governor Jan Brewer is having a little trouble convincing people to pony up the cash she needs to qualify for public money to fund her 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

Brewer is running under the state's clean election system, which means she will be given public money to fund her campaign, but she must first raise $50,000 in small donations from voters -- a feat she has yet to achieve.

The Arizona Guardian reports that as of December 14, Brewer was still short the $50,000 needed to qualify for the public funding. This doesn't mean she can't still qualify for the cash, but it's yet another indication of how unlikely it is that Brewer will be elected in 2010 -- or even win the GOP primary.

Political rookie and Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, who also plans to use public money in his bid for governor, managed to scrape together the seed money in about 40 days.

Terry Goddard, the probable Democratic candidate for governor, gathered his seed money in a little over a month.

Brewer's been at it for more than six weeks, and things aren't lookin' good.

In fairness to Jan, both Parker and Goddard have had the luxury of watching the state budget battle from the sidelines, whereas Brewer has been the focal point of one of the worst financial situations in Arizona's history -- not exactly a draw for potential donors.

However, as the old saying goes, if you can't take the heat, stay out of the "hell hole" that is the Arizona State Capitol -- as the governor so eloquently put it back in September.

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