Graffiti Crackdown Announced by Maricopa County Attorney

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas is taking a little break from cracking down on county supervisors to go after taggers.

Thomas announced that juveniles convicted of vandalism will be forced to wear bright, orange T-shirts with the slogan "Tagging is a Crime" written in big letters on the backs as part of a new program by his office.

Knowning him, the county attorney must have passed a bus stop with "Andrew Thomas Sucks" written on the glass and decided it was time for revenge.

The shirts are to be worn by delinquents when they are doing court-ordered community service, like scrubbing away spray-paint or removing trash from the side of the road.

The program is offered to first-time juvenile offenders who've committed an act of vandalism.

As well as cleaning up the streets while wearing the shirts, participants in the program will be required to attend classes stressing the importance of not breaking the law.

The program is designed to be beneficial to both the community and the offender because those who agree to participate are waived from expensive and time-consuming court hearings.


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