John Seitz probably won't be getting a "World's Greatest Grandpa" coffee mug for Christmas this year.
John Seitz probably won't be getting a "World's Greatest Grandpa" coffee mug for Christmas this year.

Grandfatherly Love: Chandler Grandpa Charged With Molesting Own Grandson

A Chandler woman had a pretty tough choice to make last month: either ignore the fact that her 8-year-old son was being molested, or turn in the person she caught doing it -- her 67-year-old father.

She chose the latter -- this time.

When the mother found naked pictures of the boy's penis -- described by police as "erotic in nature" -- she probably had a pretty good idea who took them: her father, John William Seitz.

You see, this isn't the first time Seitz's sexual attraction to his grandson caught the attention of the boy's mother -- Seitz, court documents obtained by New Times show, admitted to touching the boy sexually five years ago, when the victim was only three years old.

According to the court docs, Seitz broke down crying and confessed the molestation to his daughter and her brother.

Neither of Seitz's children reported the abuse to police.

Bad move.

In another instance, in April of this year, the victim's mother walked in on Seitz as he was pulling up his pants -- his grandson laying below him on a couch.

Again, the victim's mother never called police.

Why the fuck she ever let this guy near the kid again is beyond us -- but she did, producing similar results.

It wasn't until she found the photo of the boy's erect penis in November that she decided to let police know that her father had been molesting her 8-year-old son for at least five years.

After the mother asked the victim about the photo, he told her what had been going on between him and grandpa.

The boy told his mother that Seitz had performed oral sex on him on several occasions. In one instance, the boy says, Seitz sodomized him with a sex toy.

On November 13, during a confrontation call with his own daughter, Seitz admitted to taking the nude photo of the boy, but says he didn't molest him.

On November 16, during an interview with a detective from the Chandler Police Department, Seitz again admitted to taking the photo. He told police he never showed it to anyone and said he only used it to masturbate because "it gave him an erection."

During the interview with the detective, Seitz copped to molesting the boy on five occasions. He says they each performed oral sex on each other, but denies sodomizing the boy with the sex toy.

Seitz turned himself over to Chandler police yesterday. He's been booked on four counts of child molestation and two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. 


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