Grant Woods, Former Arizona AG and Potential Phoenix Mayoral Candidate, Apparently Doesn't Like Fat Women Asking for Extra Cream Cheese

Grant Woods, who has told New Times that he's seriously considering a run for mayor of Phoenix, has some Facebook updates that might give some would-be constituents pause.

On Friday morning, he posted this comment: "Fat woman asking for extra cream cheese on her bagel. Really?"

Geez, when did he become the keeper of all the cheeses?

And, maybe someone should tell Woods that it may not be politically expedient to make fun of fat people -- or weight-challenged, plus-sized, pleasantly plump, or whatever you wanna call individuals with extra padding -- if you're considering running for office.

Consider that a majority of people in Phoenix are more than a little fluffy. In fact, Phoenix is often named among the top fattest cities in the country.

Apparently, Woods didn't read "Fat Phoenix" in the April 2010 edition of Phoenix Magazine, an article noting, "Phoenix may have the sunshine, beautiful landscape, and a bevy of sporting events and outdoor activities indicative of a physically fit city, but the nearly 2.5 million people in the Phoenix area who are overweight or obese suggest the contrary."

Lots of potential Phoenix voters there.

Just saying...

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