Grant Woods is Way Better at Twitter Than Congressman Anthony Weiner

Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods could teach New York Congressman -- and star of "Weiner-gate 2011" -- Anthony Weiner a thing or two about Twitter and other venues for social media.

For starters, Woods might suggest, don't publicly send pictures of your junk to women if you're an elected official -- or married. (Especially if your name is Weiner, we would add).

Secondly, if you are going to post "PRIVATE" photos on Twitter, they should be of a certain turkey-necked member of Major League Baseball's 300 win club -- not of your schlong.

Woods is well-known for his social media antics, and today it appears he's attempting a faux-recreation of Weiner's phallic faux pas.

Within hours of Weiner's announcement that he sent inappropriate pictures of his, um, weiner to at least six women, Woods was quick to take to Twitter to proclaim that "Weiner is a dick."

This morning, Woods is having even more fun with Weiner-gate.

Mimicking the congressman, Woods posted the following on his Twitter page:

I don't usually send personal photos. This is just for you. It's PRIVATE though. Thought you might enjoy it.

The "tweet" has a link to a photo -- just like the "tweet" that landed Weiner in such hot water. Somewhat concerned we might be clicking our way to a photo of Grant Woods' penis, we cautiously clicked the link and were directed to a photo of former Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson -- which is exactly why Grant Woods currently holds New Times'' coveted "Best Twitterer" award.   

Check out Woods' Twitter page here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.