Green Valley Man Faces Charges After Abandoning His 23 Dogs

A Green valley man was arrested yesterday after he left nearly two-dozen of his own dogs to starve in his house about two weeks ago.

The Pima County Sheriff's Office arrested 34-year-old Raymond Quintero after an anonymous tipster called authorities to report that Quintero had disappeared for about two weeks and his 23 pit-bull/ boxer mixes were left alone with no food or water.

The dogs all lived, but authorities at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona say the pooches were in pretty rough shape.

According to the HSSA,  many of the dogs were emaciated and have a variety of other health problems, including infections, bad teeth, and untreated injuries.

The untreated injuries, according to the HSSA, may have been the result of the dogs attacking each other because many are "poorly socialized."

Quintero was cited and released, but HSSA officials maintain that authorities are likely to upgrade the charges to felonies.

It's not clear whether the dogs will be put up for adoption or if they'll go the route of Old Yeller, but they are being treated at the Pima Animal Control Center.

Here's a suggestion to dog lovers out there, who will want to avoid a situation like this: don't get 23 of 'em.

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