Greg Stanton, Phoenix Mayoral Candidate
Greg Stanton, Phoenix Mayoral Candidate

Greg Stanton, Phoenix Mayoral Candidate, Enjoys 19-Point Lead Over Opponent, According to Poll by D.C.-Based Firm

A Washington, D.C.-based firm conducted a poll in the Phoenix mayor's race that reveals Greg Stanton has a  19-point lead over his opponent Wes Gullett.

Robbie Sherwood, a spokesman for Stanton, said the poll wasn't commissioned or paid for by the Stanton for Mayor campaign.

"I haven't seen that poll and don't know what their methodology was, but the results are not out of line with polling we did on September 12," Sherwood says. "It's encouraging."

We left message for Switchboard Communications, the firm that conducted the phone poll from October 4 to October 5, to get details about who commissioned/funded the poll.

In the poll, 1,067 likely voters were asked: "If the election for Mayor were held today, who would you vote for: Wes Gullett or Greg Stanton?"

Stanton snagged 46 percent, Gullett, 27 percent. Nearly a third of the electorate remains undecided.

Pollsters, in their press release, say that Stanton's support is strong in every age range and with both female and male respondents and is leading in seven out of the city's eight council districts.

Dirk Wiggins, one of the pollsters at Switchboard Communication, throws a bone at Stanton in his press release, saying that Stanton's "statistically significant lead in every age and gender demographic predicts a favorable outcome for his candidacy."

Wiggins acknowledges that "with 28% percent of the electorate still undecided, movement in the support for each candidate is possible," but believes that Stanton has a much better shot.

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