Group Takes Arizona Republic "Rescue" Plan to Facebook

A local group's taking its plea for the Arizona Republic's survival to the same "new media" that's taking a huge toll on the daily's business.

The group on Facebook has set sights on bringing new business to the publication that recently suffered another round of layoffs.

"Rescue the Republic" is comprised of about 1,200 ex-reporters, journalism students, and concerned citizens who claim, "The mission is simple. Save our News Source. Rescue the Arizona Republic."

However, the discussion board has become more of a complaint department/obituary for the fading daily, and a forum for horrible ideas.

"Me and my family used to have a subscription to the Arizona Republic but when they went as far as to give commentary on the personal family troubles of two officers that were killed in the line of duty...they went over the line of what is decent," comments group member Brad Weekely. "To be blunt, I smirked when I found out that this newspaper was going under."

Mark Doane and Mike Miller seems a little bitter.

"Baaaah! We have the internet now and centralized gatekeepers are dinosaurs," Doane says. "Die AZ Republic, die!"

"See ya, Buh Bye!!!! Pay back is a mother.......ha ha ...," Miller writes.

Bj Seemuth says he actually needs the paper.

"I hope the paper lasts...Where else would I read the funnies?"

Advocates for the paper seem to have a survive-at-any-cost mentality, and are willing to  sacrifice certain journalistic principles to keep the publication in print.

In response to virtual dialogue that slammed the integrity of the paper, Eileen Davis feels content is apparently insignificant.

"Keep our people working -- no matter what they print it is someone's job you will eliminate. Keep the press running!," she says.

No matter what they print, huh? That sounds about right.


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