Guadalupe Man Wins $600,000 Settlement After Being Run Over by Maricopa Deputy During Traffic Stop

A Guadalupe man run over by a Maricopa County Sheriff's deputy during a traffic stop last year will receive $600,000 in a settlement of his lawsuit.

Armando L. Nido didn't pull over for deputy James Carey, (see our post about Nido's notice of claim), so Carey didn't stop for Nido. He hit Nido with his squad car, pinning him underneath.

Carey broke his ribs, tailbone and pelvis, and needed skin grafts on his butt. Does anyone still wonder why the Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office is being investigated for "discriminatory police conduct?"

The Arizona Republic has Deputy Chief Jack MacIntyre, (supposedly, one of the good guys from the scandalous, tell-all memo by Deputy Chief Frank Munnell), tossing Carey to the wolves:

Blocking the vehicle is one thing, running the person over is another. I'm glad that we could resolve this at this point in time. There's no reason to continue litigation.

Carey is said to have resigned.


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