Gunman Breaks Into Mesa Home. Steals Computer, Forgets Gun

Not that we have any experience in the matter, but it seems a robbery suspect in Mesa broke one of the cardinal rules of robbing someone at gunpoint -- after stealing some of the victim's stuff, he left his gun behind as he made his getaway.

This morning, 29-year-old Ruben Tellez knocked on an apartment door in the Woodstream Village apartment complex. He then forced his way past the woman who answered and pulled out a gun.

Once inside, Tellez grabbed a computer and other electronics, just before the woman's husband got home and scared him off.

The woman's husband reportedly tried to challenge Tellez as he was stealing his family's stuff, but rather than shoot him, Tellez threatened him with a box-cutter before fleeing the scene.

As he probably realized when he was arrested a short time later -- hiding in the backyard of a nearby home -- Tellez left his gun at the home he'd just robbed.

The husband told police he saw a white Chevy Lumina leaving the parking lot of the apartment complex as Tellez was running off. Police say the car might indicate that Tellez had an accomplice.

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James King
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