Guy Robs Booze From Another Guy, Who Shoots and Kills Robber

Some would argue that one of the great things about Arizona's fairly lax gun laws is that it makes criminals think twice before committing a crime. The thinking is that if a criminal thinks his or her victim -- or anyone close by -- has a gun, they'll reconsider whatever they're about to do.

That said, last night a Gilbert robbery suspect learned the hard way that he lives in the Grand Canyon State.

According to the Gilbert Police Department, 36-year-old Bobby Baughman tried to rob some booze from 21-year-old Stefen Selvy outside of a Circle K convenience store near Rittenhouse and Power roads just before 7 p.m.

At some point during the robbery, Baughman hit Selvy in the head with a wrench.

After being hit in the head, Selvy went to his car where he grabbed a pistol.

Selvy and Baughman got into another scuffle, at which point Selvy shot and killed Baughman.

Selvy was arrested at the scene on second-degree murder charges.

Police are still investigating the exact circumstances of the shooting and ask anyone who may have witnessed it, or come in contact with Baughman, contact the Gilbert Police Department at (480) 503-6500.

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