More hot nurses that CNA copped from the U.K.'s Sun tabloid.

HAG's Naughty Nurses, Still Stickin' It to the CNA

Anyone doubting the Heart Attack Grill's triumphant victory over the forces of political correctness as led by the speech police at the Maryland-based Center for Nursing Advocacy should check out the updates at HAG's website. The page touts recent segments on the artery-clogging enterprise by German media, Rush Limbaugh, Channel One Russia, Comedy Central, you name it. Below are some YouTube postings, one a recent piece by Japanese TV where one anchor is dressed in a outfit resembling a Mighty Morphins Power Rangers villain. There's also the ABC John Stossel piece lambasting the CNA, Summers, the nursing board and the AZ Attorney General. Porn mogul Steve Lightspeed even gets into the act, using his dreaded "Shoecam" to spy on the nurses' knickers.

The CNA, led by hypocrite-in-chief Sandy Summers, is still trying to sell an anti-HAG (ironic, eh?) letter-writing campaign, which is swiftly going nowhere. At the same time, CNA collects images like the one above, filling its site with soft-core examples of the very sexy nurse images Summers claims to find offensive. Christ, the woman might as well go legit and charge $9.95 a month for access to all this spooge-inducing spank material. Anyhoo, the yoke's on Sandy. The Heart Attack Grill continues to shovel in the scrilla and the free pub, due to a pseudo-flap, in part created by her. Enjoy the vids, people!

From Japanese TV:

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