"Half-Frozen" Colorado Cat Could Be Coming to Arizona Shelter

"Half-Frozen" Colorado Cat Could Be Coming to Arizona Shelter

A cat that was described by Colorado shelter workers as "half-frozen," has thawed out and may be coming to find a home in Arizona.

The cat, appropriately named Icee, was found under a deck in Teller County, Colorado, last month just a day after a heavy snowfall.

When police found Icee, they weren't sure if the frozen feline was alive but they brought it to the Teller County Animal Shelter just in case.

When Icee got to the shelter, workers couldn't tell whether the cat was alive either but tell the Paw Print Post that when the cat let out a tiny squeak, they sprung into action, heating up towels and wrapping the cat in blankets and jackets.

Shelter workers nursed Icee back to health and began looking for a home for the cat. Nobody in Colorado seems to want the thing, and now it may be headed to the Grand Canyon State.

Shelter worker Kaleen Payne says the shelter has received dozens of calls from people looking to adopt Icee from as far away as New York, but the shelter wants to avoid putting the cat through the stress of a long transport.

Despite being short one of its nine lives, the cat may get picked up at the Arizona state line. An unidentified Arizona woman is organizing a trip to pick up Icee and the feline to her shelter in Northern Arizona.


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