Happy 4/20, Phoenicians; Apparently You Suck at Smoking Weed

For the non-pot-smoking public, April 20 probably doesn't hold any significant meaning to you, but for stoners around the world it is a holiday that -- as a wise man told us yesterday -- "celebrates a tradition of community accomplished through the sharing of traditional home remedies."

In other words, it's an excuse to get stupid high, and for countless, college d-bags to use their Facebook pages to brag about how much weed they plan to smoke today.

This being the case, and considering the huge amount of weed that comes through Phoenix, you'd probably think Phoenicians are among the more weed-savvy folks in the country, but the latest rankings of America's most stoned cities isn't showing Phoenix any love when it comes to the consumption of chronic.

The rankings, created by The Daily Beast, lists Eureka, California as the "most stoned city" in the country, with 11.3 percent of its residents described as regular users of the icky.

We shuffled through the Beast's top-10 and found all the usual suspects -- Manhattan, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, but no Phoenix.

Out of 40 cities listed, Phoenix was not one of them -- dumpy little towns like Albany, New York, and Sacramento, California, even have Phoenix beat in pot prowess.

If the list is accurate, New York and California are the two best states for weed lovers, with 12 of the top 40 most-stoned cities found with in their borders. Cali's legal "medical weed" might have a thing or two to do with that.

Check out the full list of America's most stoned cities here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.