He ain't no Michelle Malkin, but John Gibson rocks for the way he effs w/troofers

Give them troofers hell, John...

Yeah he ain't as hot as Michelle Malkin, but Fox News talking head John Gibson's still super-cool for fucking with loony dood Alex Jones, tearing down the troofers, and deriding the fantasy notion of a North American Union. Screw Loose Change frequently posts on him (as it did regarding this item), and the more I hear him reveal Alex Jones for the rabid, arm-flailing crazy that he is, the more I dig Gibson. Here's an excerpt from a recent radio show of his wherein he lambastes Jones and compares him to John Goodman's character in The Big Lebowski . He also has on this airhead Texas troofer chick and gives her the raspberries.

"You've got a thimbleful of knowledge, and you're trying to paint a house with it," he tells her, before cutting her loose.

After he boots her, he adds, "There's only so much fun you can make of crazy people. You've got to stop at some point."

That's the only thing I disagree with him on. Sometimes fish in a barrel have to be shot. (Metaphor alert, troofers.)

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