Head of Phoenix Tea Party Hobbits Stands By Phoenix Mayoral Candidate Wes Gullett

We've already heard about Senator John McCain calling tea party politicos hobbits yesterday as he ranted before Senate members about debt ceilings and balanced budget amendments.

Well, Wes Harris, the leader of those beloved, hairy-footed small people who live in Middle-earth Phoenix, is backing Wes Gullett, a former McCain operative and Phoenix mayoral candidate.

Harris, founder of the Original North Phoenix Tea Party, first declared in an e-mail that mayor-hopeful Jennifer Wright was part of his "life's blood" and the only candidate who could be supported ...  only to later question whether she was even right for the job.

His tea party/hobbit support -- at least for now -- is squarely with  Gullett, and we say that makes Gullett a hobbit, too.

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