Headache Crusader Cindy McCain to Give Keynote Address at Annual Meeting of the International Headache Society; There's Actually an International Headache Society?

The wife of Arizona Senator John McCain is "heading" up a cause near and dear to her heart --- headaches.

On September 10th, Cindy McCain will give the keynote speech at the Annual Meeting of the International Headache Society in Philadelphia to discuss the global headache epidemic.

The International Headache Society is a forum for doctors, patients, and anyone else who can't seem to find a bottle of aspirin to "promote headache awareness worldwide."

As if it needs any promotion! It seems to us that every time anyone gets a headache they make it their mission to preface all conversation with a whiny "I've got a headache!"

McCain, the queen of cerebral sufferers, is no exception.

"Migraine is a real disease," McCain says. "I am one of the lucky ones who have been diagnosed but still I struggle with the pain and tremendous debilitation of this disease.  So many people never get diagnosed or receive effective treatment."

She's right; most people just pop a few Advil and go on with their day.

"I am astonished by the lack of progress in the field and the death of medical advances," she says. "I mean, there are no specific preventives, and not enough effective treatments."

Well, Mrs. McCain, unless you wish to advocate using heroine to treat headaches, the field of treating non-life-threatening pain may have run its course. Or maybe talk to your congressional hubby about medicinal marijuana... just throwin' it out there.

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