Hear the Radio Ad Andrew Thomas Doesn't Want You to Hear

By Sarah Fenske

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas went to bizarre lengths yesterday to pressure radio stations from playing a Democrat-funded ad that compares his tactics to those in police states from Soviet Russia to "Castro's Cuba" -- going so far as to threaten lawsuits against the stations if the ads aren't pulled.

Thomas even got Sheriff Joe Arpaio's top aide, David Hendershott, to step forward and claim full responsibility for the arrests of New Times executives Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Thomas claims that makes the ads false.

But, despite Thomas' feigned outrage, we don't think there's anything inaccurate about this ad -- and we believe you have a right to hear it.

Here's a link to the audio version.

And, for you technophobes who prefer your news in print, below I've pasted a transcript of the spot.

Freedom, liberty, justice: the essential elements of the American experience. So, how shocked would you be to learn that your County Attorney was: Tracking the Web sites you and your family visit? Arresting journalists in the dark of night in front of their families because of what they published? Passing out your tax dollars -- like candy -- to all his cronies?

Sound like the KGB? The secret police? Castro’s Cuba? No. Sadly, it’s your current Maricopa County Attorney, Andrew Thomas.

Thomas is so drunk with power that even former Republican Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley now rejects Thomas. Romley called Thomas’ out-of-control tactics "McCarthyism." Thomas is supposed to be protecting your liberty, not violating it. That is why Romley, with other Republican prosecutors, are endorsing Tim Nelson for County Attorney.

Keep Andrew Thomas out of your home and your personal life. Vote for Tim Nelson for County Attorney.

Paid for by Arizonans for Responsible Law Enforcement, major funding provided by Arizona Wins. 602-539-9577

Pretty good stuff, eh? Make sure you forward this link to all your friends and family -- because if Andrew Thomas gets his way, you won't be hearing it on the air.

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Sarah Fenske
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