Helen Flint, 74, Found Out Being the Cat Lady in Bullhead City Is Illegal

Bullhead City resident Helen Flint seems to have a penchant for cat collecting.

After Bullhead City police served a search warrant on Friday at the 74-year-old's mobile home, they discovered more than 40 cats inside -- not including the nine dead ones in a trash can that were described by police as "decomposing."

Bullhead City actually has a city ordinance mandating a three-cat limit per home, so 40-plus was a bit too much.

According to a Bullhead City police spokeswoman, Flint's been the subject of "cat complaint investigations" since 2004.

Flint actually had a personal court-ordered limit on cats set by a judge in 2007, after it was discovered that she rented a U-Haul truck for the sole purpose of hiding cats.

As you can imagine -- based off the nine dead cats in the trash can and the cats pooping and pissing wherever they please -- the cats didn't make it out of there so well on Friday.

Police say the majority of the cats had highly contagious diseases like feline leukemia, and various respiratory illnesses, and had to be put down.

By "majority," police say a single cat appeared to be in good health and was quarantined, while the rest were euthanized.

Police sent charges of animal neglect, public nuisance, cat licensure, and exceeding the pet limitation over to the city prosecutor.

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