Henry Morello, 84, Missing Since Last Monday, Found Alive and Well (and Full of Wiper Fluid)

Henry Morello, the 84-year-old man reported missing last week, was found alive and well over the weekend, and he apparently survived nearly a week in the desert by drinking diluted windshield washer fluid.

Morello was last seen Monday in the Cave Creek area driving his pale green 2007 Lexus SUV with Arizona license plate 207-YXG.

Morello's suffers from dementia and diabetes, and requires medication, so his family was very concerned when he was reported missing.

On Saturday, a Maricopa County Sheriff's Office helicopter spotted Morello's car near the Bloody Basin exit of I-17.

Morello reportedly stayed by his vehicle for five days, which is what helped him survive.

Morello used mats from his car to stay warm during the chilly desert nights, and reportedly drank windshield washer fluid to stay hydrated.

KPHO caught up with one of Morello's friends, who described the ordeal:

During the day, Morello found an inventive source of water.

"He took a rock and opened the hood of his car and broke the windshield wiper fluid and was using that with a napkin to keep himself hydrated," said his friend James Sheehan.

His friends said they believe it was a miracle that Morello was found in such good condition, but they said his survival skills are "Just Hank being Hank."

"He is doing fantastic, and if you know Hank, he is a survivor. That is why he survived," said Sheehan.

Friends say Morello is recovering at a Valley hospital, but they expect he will be back with them soon.

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