He's Baaaaaack! Republinut J.D. Hayworth lands a gig at KFYI, apparently ousting Joe Crummey.

Jeez, J.D., eat something for Chrissakes, you look like an ofay Star Jones!

I was monitoring Barry "Gee, I wish I was still" Young this morn on KFYI 550 AM, and I heard a familiar Foghorn Leghorn type-a voice, and soon realized it was my old bud from NC, the former Congressman from Zona CD 5, J.D. Hayworth (both Hayworth and I hail from Tar Heelia, originally). Hayworth and the Not-so Young Frankenstein were jawbonin' somethin' furious about KFYI afternoon jock Joe Crummey being "assassinated" by KFYI, and I soon learned the two were yukkin' it up about Hayworth replacing Crummey in the afternoons. Sure enough, when I checked out KFYI's Web site, it had a post-gastric-bypass Star Jones-lookin' pic of J.D. in front of a mic, with the warning that he'll be on air blowin' hot air beginning this Thursday 4/26 from 4-7p.m.

Don't know why Crummey got canned, as he was generally considered popular. Could it have had a little to do with the fact that Crummey did his P-town-related show from California's San Fernando Valley, out of the studio in his home there? Seems this was one of those poorly-kept secrets that got a bit more pub than usual of late in the New York Times and elsewhere. But if J.D.'s coming on board as of Thursday, this has likely been in the works for a while. Maybe that's why Crummey let journo Jennifer Steinhauer into his Cali home/studio. If he knew he was headed for the gallows at KFYI, why not scare up some free press on what a smart dood he is, foolin' them shitkickers in PHX.

Of course, KFYI was in on it, so blame them for Crummey's faux Phoenix existence, if you blame anyone. Personally, I never listened to Crummey, and I doubt I'll be listening to J.D. much, unless he has me on, in which case I'll forever talk about it. (Hint, hint, J.D.) I'm cheap like that, but not as cheap as Crummey who admits in the Steinhauer article that his politics have changed with the times and the rise of right-wing radio, which gave The Crummey One job security. Well, sort of, depending on what the backstory is to this change in KFYI's afternoon slot. Calls to KFYI were not immediately returned.

Now if they could only lose alter kocker Barry "Hell, no, I ain't" Young, KFYI might have something going on there...

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