Hit the links for cheap

So you're a football fan in town for the big game, but you don't want to just watch a sporting event, you want to play, too. And the sport you want to play -- like that of most would-be athletes -- is golf. Unfortunately, you didn't plan ahead on this and all the tee times at the top-tier courses in north Scottsdale have been booked for months. So what's a duffer to do?

Take your clubs straight down to Encanto Golf Course, the finest municipal links in town, located in the very heart of the city. You'll enjoy primo views of downtown and partake in a little history, too. Built in 1935 on what was then the edge of town, Encanto is the third oldest golf course in the entire state.

City of Phoenix

Adjacent to central Phoenix's Encanto Park, the city's Encanto Golf Course is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing, no-pressure 18 holes while taking in scenic views of the downtown skyline.

We love all of its gentle par threes and par fours, minimal hazards and flat-as-a-pancake layout. Best of all, for the money you would have spent at one of those hoity-toity 18-holers, you can play multiple times at Encanto.

Encanto Golf Course: 2775 N. 15th Ave., Phoenix, 602-253-3963 http://phoenix.gov/SPORTS/encant18.html. Map

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