Hmmm, County Attorney's Office Says It's Unlikely MCSO Officer Found in Contempt of Court Will Go to Jail or Hold Press Conference

Since our last post about the Maricopa County detention officer found in contempt of court for taking the papers of a defense attorney in Maricopa County Superior Court, the County Attorney's Office called us back.

We asked Deputy County Attorney Tom Liddy, who is representing Officer Adam Stoddard in his contempt case, if the officer will be holding the press conference ordered by Judge Gary Donahoe.

"I would advise your readers to not hold their breath," he says.

Liddy says it is unheard of for a judge to order someone to hold a press conference and that Judge Donahoe's ruling is unconstitutional, violating Stoddard's free-speech rights.

Hmm, we wonder if the Constitution mentions anything about due process when it comes to stealing a defense attorney's private papers.

According to Liddy, Stoddard won't be going to jail either.

"[Judge Donahoe] either will have to change his remedy or put it in front of a jury," he says. "In order for a judge to sentence someone to jail, they have to have gone through due process."

If that's the case, Liddy better keep an eye on his private papers while defending Stoddard -- we hear that guy's got a reputation.

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