Photographic evidence of the Holocaust: The Einsatzgruppen at work.

Holocaust denier Eric D. Williams pulls book; 9/11 Conference claims he's out

Here's the latest: Holocaust denier Eric Williams, author of the self-published tome The Puzzle of Auschwitz, has removed the free pdf of his book from his site, and apparently from, where people were able to buy it for download, or as a paperback for delivery up until today. Williams was "demoted" from "Conference Director" to "Vendor Coordinator," earlier today, and now has a statement up on their site claiming he's no longer a part of the upcoming Chandler conference. The statement reads:

As a result of the controversy surrounding Eric D. Williams, he has stepped down from involvement in the 9/11 Accountability Conference. The 911 Accountability Conference does not support Holocaust denial, nor does the 9/11 Truth Movement. No other speaker listed here is known to have published works related to the Holocaust.

Thing is, Williams owns the 9/11 accountability website, or at least it seems to still be registered in his name. Also, his name is listed on the "Exhibitor's Page," in this passage:

There will be room for 32 spaces on a first-come/first-serve basis, consisting of anywhere from one to five 6' skirted and draped tables with one to two chairs per booth. You will find a copy of the basic floor plan below. Please contact myself, Eric D. Williams, to secure your location. If you prefer a table in the hallway near registration, please contact me.

My guess is that Williams remains involved as their webmaster, and that he'll be helping out behind the scenes. But they've taken his name off almost everything related to the conference to try to calm the waters. Williams' statement on his personal website is particularly self-serving and petulant. It here follows:

About my latest book The Puzzle of Auschwitz

I have published a book that may have offended many individuals and that was not my intention with this book.

Out of respect for those I may have offended I have pulled the book from this site as well as the site of the publisher.

The issue surrounding the Holocaust involves more research and an open mind.

The main thing this lesson in life has taught me is that it is a crime to think for yourself, and that is the only thing I am guilty of: Thought Crime.

It shouldn't be a crime to think for yourself or to question the official story of anything or any subject, but unfortunately it is. It is also unfortunate that we don't have an independent media that goes through obvious questions about the official story, but only regurgitates it without question.

In closing, the unnecessary death of anyone is a tragedy, and the death of any amount of people is in my opinion, a holocaust.

We have been lied to about 9/11, the War on Terrorism, and so many other things throughout history. I only wish to shed light on the lies to prevent more unnecessary deaths.

Thanks for your comments and concerns.


Eric D. Williams

Williams' book was poorly written, poorly researched and in much need of a copyeditor to judge by the malapropisms, atrocious grammar, and frequent misspellings. He says the only thing he's guilty of is "thought crime." Actually, he's guilty of something his fellow 9/11 conspiracy theorists are guilty of: Writing about and claiming expertise in a subject they are not qualified to address.

Ultimately, Williams is a coward. It's obvious from his statement that he still believes that the systematic murder of the Jewish population of Europe under the Nazi regime did not take place. So why pull your book, Eric, when you still believe in what you wrote? Why not have the courage of your unsavory opinions? This is what annoys me about his ilk. Hit them with opposition, and they run and hide. At least until no one is looking at them any more.

I'll be watching to see if Williams shows at the conference. I'd have had more respect for him if he'd stuck to his guns. We'll see if they're telling the truth about his non-involvement or not.

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