Homeless Mother And Drunk Son Bond On Shoplifting, Spraypainting Expedition; Son Returns Hours Later Threatening To Kill Witnesses

Family values

​Some apples don't fall far from the tree, and some don't fall at all.

Christian Alexander Bullis, 20, also known as Farva Bullis, was arrested with his mother, Marie Ranay Bullis, yesterday afternoon, after they were busted shoplifting at an ACE Hardware Store on 31st Street and Indian School Road, according to court records obtained by New Times.

The Bullises are homeless, and according to Farva's arrest report, Farva was drunk at the time.

Farva went into the store with mom, put spray-paint cans into her purse, and casually walked out of the building. He then promptly started tagging. Farva fled but returned three hours later to confront a witness, whom Farva then threatened to kill. When police showed up, he tried to flee but got busted by police.

His mother was hit with a shoplifting-facilitation charge. Farva was charged with shoplifting, criminal defacement, and threatening a witness.

One thing is clear from court records: the Bullises needs help.

Unfortunately, jail isn't exactly the best place to learn family values.

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