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"Honey Badger" Tyrann Mathieu Responds to Smoke Shop Ad in New Times

New Times readers and people who follow NFL media types may have noticed the ad placed by a local smoke shop in a recent issue of New Times, inviting Arizona Cardinals rookie Tyrann Mathieu -- who tested positive for marijuana in an obscenely high number of drug tests in college -- to come on over to the shop.

For some reason, a reporter actually asked Mathieu about the ad in a press conference Thursday, and it didn't sound like Mathieu will be a new customer.

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Word is that Mathieu's contract will call for weekly drug tests, and the fact that he's had incredibly difficulty putting down the pipe in the past seems to make the ad a sore subject for some, but Mathieu didn't seem to freak out over it.

"I don't pay much attention to that," Mathieu said, although he acknowledged that he "underst[ood] why" such an ad would be placed.

According to the Arizona Republic, Mathieu's agent Patrick Lawlor, who seems like a real fun guy to be around, called the ad "tasteless garbage."

Then, later in the day, Ron Wolfley, who is the Cards' color commentator and co-host of an afternoon show on 620 AM, Doug and Wolf, damn near crapped himself over the advertisement.

Wolfley, who's apparently confused about the difference between marijuana and the substance known as "spice," said the ad made him want to "get into a bulldozer and bulldoze that place," before calling it "disgusting" and "obscene."

Wolf opined that if Mathieu were one of his family members, "I would bash [the store owner's] face in . . . and I'd do it with malice."

(You can listen to the pants-crapping here; the segment starts around the 21:30 mark.)

Mathieu reportedly failed 10 drug tests while at LSU -- before he lost count, so he actually doesn't know how many drug tests he failed.

A Heisman Trophy finalist in 2011, Mathieu was kicked off the LSU team last season, reportedly after one of those failed drug tests, but Mathieu said he was going to rehab.

Two months later, in October, Mathieu was arrested for marijuana possession, so you can see why people may find the advertisement humorous.

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