Hot Links: 8-year-old Who Killed Two in St. Johns to Appear in Court; AIG Posts Losses, Gets Bigger Bailout; Local Election Results Delayed

By Ray Stern

The St. Johns community in northeastern Arizona is trying to cope with a mind-boggling crime: An 8-year-old boy used a rifle to kill his father and another man. The more interesting story may yet be how the justice system treats this kid; he’s expected in court today. Insurance giant AIG loses more money and takes billions more in government handouts – that can’t go on forever, can it? Obama to get first sight of Oval Office in a meeting with President Bush today. It would sure be great to bug that conversation. Howie Fischer reports that 89,000 voters screwed up somehow, which may cause the public to wait another week for some election results. The Republic says the payday loan industry probably is doomed because of last week’s vote on Proposition 200. Lucky fools: Thousands of Tucson-area DUI cases may get thrown out because of faulty breathalyzer equipment. The kidnappers of an Avondale mom and her 3-year-old kid want $100,000. Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa pulls in herds of people. Glendale will get busy tonight as “Monday Night Football” kicks off at the UOP Stadium.

St. Johns pulls together after crime; 8-year-old boy killed dad and another man

Meanwhile, the kid is expected to appear in court today.

AIG still losing money, government bailout expanded to $150 billion

Obama to meet with Bush today in Oval Office

89,000 voters failed to follow instructions, delaying election results

Vote may have killed payday loan biz, “2,500 Arizonans will be out of work”

Thousands of Tucson-area DUI cases could be tossed

Kidnappers of Avondale Mom and Kid Want $100,000, Husband Says

Madagascar 2 Earns $63.5 million in first weekend

“Monday Night Football” to turn Glendale area into sea of cars; game starts 6:30 p.m.

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