Hot Links: Alleged Hazing at ASU, Free Drinks on US Airways, and Phoenix Gets Stimulated

Officials at Arizona's three public universities warn students to avoid Mexico during spring break, citing high crime rates in border towns like Nogales and Juarez. An ATF spokesman says that most violence doesn't take place at Mexico's popular tourist spots, which, not surprisingly, don't include Nogales and Juarez....The men's lacrosse team at ASU may have some extra time on their hands this spring break, as the university has ended the team's season and placed them on two-year probation for an alleged hazing incident a few weeks ago...For US Airways, it's not always good to stand alone,especially if you're the only major airline carrier that charges people for coffee, soda, and juice. The airline recently announced they will stop charging for basic drinks. Now, if they offered free booze, they'd really have a wing up on the competition...Darren Baltes has been arrested and charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder after reportedly shooting three people in Lake Havasu City, including a schoolteacher with whom he'd been in a relationship...Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon says that the city's estimated $1 billion share of the federal economic stimulus package will go toward the Tres Rios water  facility project and extending the city's light rail system...and a man serving a sentence for felony drug possession in Billings, Montana is suing Yellowstone county for supposedly interfering with his ability to practice his religion, Satanism.

Universities: Spring breaks south of border to be avoided

ASU men's lacrosse season over due to alleged hazing

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