Hot Links: Arizona Gets Fewer New Border Patrol Agents; GOP Asks Napolitano Not to Sign Orders; Tumor in Brain is Fully Formed Foot

The Arizona Republic has analyzed the distribution of new Border Patrol agents and come to the conclusion that our state is getting screwed. Janet Napolitano has one foot in Washington D.C. and one hand on a pen in Arizona as she prepares to sign an executive order she thinks the new Republican administration needs. In the "fascinating-but-disgusting" category, we have a story about a tumor in a baby's brain that turned out to be a fully formed foot. Gleeful tourists played yesterday in rare Las Vegas snow. The taxman will come, but the cupboards will be bare in many houses, state officials predict. The Tucson hikers caught in a snowstorm near Payson give an interview to Channel 3 (KTVK). Seven Arizona health care providers are joining forces, supposedly to help improve their services. Broke parents are leaving their precious ones home alone more instead of putting them in afterschool programs -- we'll be paying for the juvie hall upgrade in a few years. The honeymoon between Obama and gay rights advocates is over after the president-elect picks Rick Warren to the give the invocation at this inauguration. In Scottsdale, money from a 2000 bond election is paying for a new police headquarters even as other Valley police departments scale back services.


Arizona not getting as many Border Patrol agents as other border states


GOP begs Napolitano not to sign executive order on state employees union


 Tumor in baby's brain is fully formed foot



Las Vegas gets rare snowfall 


Taxpayers spent: State expects lower collection rate on back taxes




Rescued hikers talk about ordeal

Several health care providers join forces to form association 

Kids left alone more as parents pull back on after-school classes

Gay rights advocates upset Rick Warren chosen by Obama to deliever inauguration invocation

New Scottsdale police building under construction

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