Hot Links: Arizona on Lock for McCain (Duh), Andrew Thomas Chickens Out of Appearance, Alec Baldwin Says Family Court Sucks.

By Stephen Lemons

North Carolina may fall out of McCain column, though McBush is safe in AZ. Prosecutors challenge five trials ordered for disgraced priest Dale Fushek. Libertarian rag Reason gives it to Russell "White Pride" Pearce with both barrels. Supes will do over session they broke open meetings law on. D-Backs lay waste to St. Louis. Trib columnist finds Cards running back wanting. Candy Thomas wimps out of Maricopa County Bar Association appearance. Slow economy means fewer immigrants, but AZ's numbers are still up. Hopis sandbag tribal chairman. And Alec Baldwin says family court stinks on ice.

McCain risks losing conservative North Carolina to Obama.

But at least McCain’s got Sand Land on lock…

Prosecutors appeal trials for accused Catholic priest Dale Fushek.

Reason magazine blasts bigot boy Russell Pearce.

Supes to do over bungled meeting next week.

D-Backs stomp St. Louis, 4-2.

Cards running back Edgerrin James' play disappoints Trib’s Bordow.

Flow of immigrants slows as economy does same.

Yet, number of Arizona immigrants is up.

Candy Thomas chickens out of Bar Association appearance.

Hopi Tribal Council ousts chairman.

Hood surfing Peoria teen wipes out.

Alec Baldwin bashes family court in new book.

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