Hot Links: Arpaio's Filthy Jails Lose Accreditation; Fewer Murders in 2008; Speed Camera Foes Launch Petition Drive

Sheriff Joe Arpaio just doesn't get it: Accreditation remains withdrawn from the jail system following the loss of an appeal by the county. Valley residents killed each other less in 2008 -- isn't that nice? Foes of speed cameras have launched a signature-gathering drive in hopes of putting a proposed law before voters in 2010 that would eliminate the ATMs (automatic ticket machines). Glendale's getting ready for the biggest event of the city's history -- a Cardinals playoff game. A county jail detention officer is accused of molesting his daughter. The ATF is worried that grenades turning up more frequently in Mexico will be soon exploding north of the border, too. The state legislature has a lot of fires to stamp out -- both metaphorically and literally. Here's news you can eat: Wendy's plans to roll out a new breakfast menu in three cities, including Phoenix.




Glendale readies for Cardinals' big Sunday game


Petition drive launched to put elimination of speed cameras on ballot 


Jail detention officer suspected of molesting girl


 ATF worried about that grenades from Mexico will pop up here


State legislature wants to snuff out tire fire hazards




Wendy's to test new breakfast menu in Phoenix and two other cities








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