Hot Links: Arpaio's Jails Lose Accreditation, McCain Could Croak in Office (Duh), Phish to Reunite, and Muhammad Ali's Corny Portrait.

By Stephen Lemons

Forty-nine percent back gay marriage ban. McCain ahead of Obama in AZ, but by how much? Muhammad Ali's mug gets corny portrait. Arpaio's jails lose crucial accreditation. MCSA's Randy Parraz says he was targeted by MCSO. Grocer Eddie Basha endorses County Supervisor Fulton Brock. Suns start training camp in Tucson. Cops pinch Phoenix "bank whisperer." Soldiers in Iraq play Madden with Cards. Vermont jam-band Phish reunites. Daily Star rejects uranium mining for Grand Canyon. And the chances McCain will croak in office if he's Prez? One in four.

Arpaio’s jails lose crucial health accreditation.

Forty-nine percent back gay marriage ban in new poll.

Obama trails McCain in AZ, but by how much?

Muhammad Ali’s mug cut into Zona cornfield.

MCSA’s Parraz says he was targeted by Arpaio.

Eddie Basha endorses county supe Fulton Brock.

Suns training camp begins in Tucson.

Cops collar “bank whisperer” at Phoenix motel.

Soldiers in Baghdad play Madden via ‘Net with Cards.

Vermont jam-band Phish to reunite in ’09.

Grand Canyon uranium mining? Daily Star says, “Hell, no.”

One in four chance McCain will croak in White House, if elected.

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