Hot Links: Bill Rejected, Parks Closed, Supermodel Jailed

The Arizona house has rejected a bill that would have made the presence of illegal immigrants criminal by expanding trespassing laws. Opponents argued passage of the bill would have lead to racial profiling...Phoenix asphalt contractor John D. Stacey was convicted on federal tax-evasion charges yesterday. He was also convicted of fraudulent use of Social Security numbers. Stacey operated several business in the Valley, including A to Z Paving and Triple A Paving...Mike Peter Gallardo was sentenced to death yesterday for the 2005 murder of college student Rudy Padilla. Gallardo had 16 prior felony convictions, including armed robbery and burglary, for which he'd already served 20 years in prison...A Mesa woman came home to find a transient wearing her clothes and walking around her house. Ann LaFonde, 42, admitted to entering the house and opening bottles of wine and soda. She was arrested for burglary...While the state Legislature waits for Governor Jan Brewer's approval on a budget, many state parks have already closed down. Closures include cave tours at Kartchner Caverns State Park. The Arizona State Parks Department reached special agreements with the cities of Show Low and Laka Havasu, which allow each city to operate and maintain its parks...Supermodel Karen Mulder was arrested in France yesterday after reportedly making a series of threatening phone calls to a plastic surgeon. Mulder allegedly wanted a previous operation reversed. She's being held at a jail in Paris, but is expected to be released later today.

Arizona house rejects immigration enforcement bill

Jury convicts asphalt contractor on tax evasion

Man sentenced to death in 2005 murder of student

Mesa woman returns home, finds burglar wearing her clothes

Budget Has Parks Closing Facilities

Troubled supermodel Karen Mulder arrested after 'threatening to attack her plastic surgeon'

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