Hot Links: Bomb Threats, Silver Stars, and Stephenie Meyer

A female student at Maricopa County High School was arrested yesterday for allegedly making a bomb threat. The girl, whose name has not been released, reportedly told a teacher she "would be sorry, because a bomb would be placed on school grounds." The suspect is being held at Pinal County Juvenile Detention Center and faces a possible felony charge...Chandler police arrested 12 suspects in a string of retail robberies. Undercover officers posed as people buying or selling stolen goods to infiltrate the theft ring. The investigation recovered an estimated $100,000 in property...A hiker died on a Grand Canyon trail late Monday. The 63-year-old man collapsed, and efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. His body was airlifted from the canyon yesterday...

Scottsdale war veterans Donald Hossack and Lester Calhoun were awarded the Silver Star for their actions in battle more than 42 years ago.  The men were given the award for continuing to fight at Hill 881 in Vietnam on April 30, 1967, despite their unit suffering heavy casualties, including their platoon leader's. The Silver Star is the third-highest honor given by the military...A woman from Mesa has won the Publisher's Clearinghouse prize. The winner, Mildred Spiegelmire, received a check for $10,000...Phoenix resident and Twilight author Stephenie Meyer will be a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show  Friday. Meyers wrote on her blog, "Since I'm only doing one interview, better make it big."   


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