Hot Links: Border Satellites, Blaze at Blaze, and Alec Baldwin

Mesa resident Brad Benson is peeved about a local church that sits in a strip mall, 10 feet from his backyard. Benson claims that the church, Ministerios La Gran Comision, plays "rock music at weird hours" and over-amplified sermons. Police are currently working to clarify the noise ordinance in that area...Big Brother's watching the border from space:  The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has begun helping authorities fight crime at the Southwest border with satellite photographs. R. Scott Zikmanis, deputy director of the agency, said the pictures can help authorities locate smuggling operations in the area...The Surprise teacher who pleaded guilty to child porn charges was sentenced to 10 years in prison Friday. Police began investigating the former teacher, Victor Scott McPeak, after allegations that he'd inappropriately touched two young girls while working at the Arizona Charter Academy...The Pima County Board of Supervisors has opposed federal plans to build a prison on the Tohono O'odham Nation's  San Xavier district. The proposed 140,000-square-foot detention center could create around 300 new jobs, but Pima County Supervisors have voiced concern about traffic and impacts on regional flooding, among other things...There was a big blaze at the aptly named Blaze nightclub in Phoenix early this morning. The fire reportedly caused damage to the inside of the club, which will be closed for repairs in coming weeks. Authorities do not know what started the fire...30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin might want to steer clear of the Philippines for a while. The actor's joke on The Late Show that he might get a "Filipino mail-order bride" has incensed some Philipinne officials, including Senator Ramon Revilla, who warns that Baldwin may face a beat-down if he visits the country. Better have that bride sent straight to California, Baldwin.

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