Hot Links: Celebrity City, MCSO Pay Raises, and Clone Babies

Former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson is proposing the development of an entertainment complex on 22 acres surrounding Celebrity Theatre, saying it would emulate nightlife hot spots in other cities, such as Sunset Strip in L.A....Among the barrage of boo-hoos Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio laid out in his memos to the county that we reported yesterday, he demands pay raises for his staff in the face of the suffering economy, citing "salary discrimination against deputy sheriffs, detention officers, and rank personnel" (we'd count Arpaio among the "rank")...University of Arizona's basketball program is under investigation by the NCAA for alleged recruiting violations...The Coast Guard has called off its search for two NFL players missing since their boat capsized in Florida on Saturday. One of the missing players, Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, is the son of Valley sportscaster Bruce Cooper...Dude, you're cut off: Christopher Gannon, 24, was arrested for aggravated assault this weekend, after hitting a police officer in the face at the AZ Strong Beer Festival and breaking a bone under his left eye...Italian gynecologist Severino Antinori tells the media he cloned three babies using cells from sterile fathers, and that all three children (now age 9) are in good health.

Phoenix Council looking at plans for 'Celebrity City"

Arpaio demands pay raises for staff

UA basketball program under investigation by NCAA

Search ends for 2 NFL players, 3rd man lost at sea

Police: Man hits cop at beer festival

Italian doctor says he has cloned three babies


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