A California-based charity with facilities in Phoenix has been collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations and income but has not been providing service on par with its revenue. According to a story in The Arizona Republic, Eye Dog Foundation for the Blind recently reported $7 million in assets, but hasn't placed a seeing eye dog in a home for more than two years...A Phoenix man is lucky to be alive after his car collided with a herd of elk near Payson. Mark Macalvain says he was cruising at 65 miles per hour on Highway 260 when seven elk walked into the road and ended up on his windshield. The elk were killed, but Macalvain escaped with only scratches and minor airbag burns...Autopsy results show that hiker Kelley Tate, whose body was discovered at Lost Dutchman State Park earlier this week, died of a heart attack. The medical examiner said Tate had a diseased blood vessel in his heart, and had been dead for up to five days when his body was found...

A Phoenix store owner was shot in the hand during a robbery attempt last night. Police say two men, described only as Hispanic men in their early 20s, tried to rob a Cricket store at 28th street and Thomas. At some point during the armed robbery, the store owner's hand took a bullet. Police won't confirm if the store owner returned fire...Freedom Communications, the parent company of the East Valley Tribune, has requested that a bankruptcy court allow it to have a broker to pursue the possible sale of the Tribune and other publications. Any potential buyers have not been specified...Children under the age of 18 will now be required to wear helmets when riding bicycles in Flagstaff. The Flagstaff City Council approved the measure. Under the policy, police officers can decide to issue warnings or tickets to offenders. 

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