Hot Links: Charles Barkley Gets DUI; Lobbyist Sues NY Times Over McCain Story; AAA Questions DPS Speed Camera Safety Study

Do we still have to call him "Sir?" Charles Barkley, former Suns player and legendary local resident, gets busted for DUI. What's a misleading story in the New York Times worth? About $27 million, if you're Washington D.C. Vicki Iseman, and you've been accused of a possible affair with Arizona Senator John McCain. It seems some people just can't believe the DPS study on speed camera safety released earlier this week -- not even AAA. And speaking of DPS: The state troopers are changing their procedures for car searches in the hopes of avoiding racial profiling. The Suns had an impressive win yesterday over the Memphis Grizzlies despite star player Steve Nash being absent due to back spasms. Cash-starved cities are tracking down small-time landlords who aren't paying enough taxes. The end of free light rail rides is already upon us, but we can still ride it for free until 2 a.m. tonight, allowing us to celebrate the New Year properly sauced -- without endangering anyone or risking a DUI.

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