Hot Links: Commuters and Families Pack Light Rail; Gas Averaging $1.50 in Phoenix; Terminator Entering National Archives

Disneyland Phoenix: Valley residents continue to swarm onto light rail for fun, bumping elbows with weekday commuters. Hopeful patients praise the opening of a chain hospital in Goodyear designed to care for people with cancer. The Republican Party's grooming Congressman Jeff "No Earmarks" Flake as a future contender for governor or another high office. Stats bad and good: The one-year drop in Phoenix home prices was even sharper than previously reported, and local gas prices are now averaging a bargain-basement $1.50 per gallon. The County Attorney's office files charges in the terrible case of the two boys beaten to death with a baseball bat -- no statement yet about prosecutors seeking the death penalty, though. Looks like the University of Alaska, guy: Palin kid Tripp's born without voters having made his grandma vice-president. One of the coolest movies of all time,


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