Hot Links: D-Backs, Multiple Fires, and Obama's School Speech

Governor Jan Brewer signed a bill yesterday which allows for the sale of some of Arizona's public properties. House Bill 2010 dictates the state try to raise as much as $735 million by selling state-owned buildings and then leasing them back. Buildings that could be sold include the House and Senate buildings at the Capitol...The Arizona Diamondbacks fell 2-4 to the Los Angeles Dodgers last night, three days after trading Jon Garland to them. Next up: tonight's game against the Colorado Rockies, on Rockies turf...Arizona Cardinals offensive lineman Elton Brown was ejected from last night's game against the Denver Broncos after bumping an official. Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said Brown was engaged in a dispute with a Broncos player, and accidentally bumped the official during the argument. The Cardinals lost the game to the Broncos, 0-19...A wildfire burning near Payson since Sunday has been 90 percent contained. Known as "The Water Wheel Fire," the blaze destroyed 770 acres in the Tonto National Forest. Officials do not know the cause of the fire, but do not believe it was a lightning strike...

A hay fire started at Banning Farms in the West Valley last night, and was re-ignited this morning after fire crews and the rain had put much of the blaze out. Officials believe the fire may have been the result of spontaneous combustion in bales of hay...State school chief Tom Horne has been critical of President Barack Obama's plan to broadcast an online "back to school speech" for students, and says he will let each district decide on its own if and how it will participate in showing Obama's speech. Horne says the activities and materials that go with the "lesson plan" -- including "materials that have phrases like how he will inspire us" -- aren't good teaching tools. 

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