Hot Links: Dale Fushek, Ten Commandments, and Taser the Dog

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted yesterday to require that a copy of the Ten Commandments be placed in front of the old state capitol. The bill calls for the Legislative Council to seek donations for erection of the monument, and will now go to the full Senate for final approval...A dog from Paradise Valley has won a best-in- breed award from the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The dog, an Affenpinscher named Taser, is owned by Phil and Patty Smith, who named their pup after their Scottsdale-based company, Taser International. Taser was one of 173 dog breeds recognized at the Westminster show, where more than 2,500 dogs competed...

Phoenix police arrested a suspected pimp after finding a 16-year-old girl working the east Phoenix streets. John A. Jeffries, 29, has been charged with sex trafficking, child prostitution, and receiving the earnings of a prostitute. The teenager told police she was a runaway from Casa Grande brought to the Valley to work as a prostitute...

The Phoenix Catholic Diocese announced yesterday that former Monsignor Dale Fushek has been defrocked, and will no longer act as a priest. The penalty, which the Diocese says was imposed by order of Pope Benedict, is not open to appeal. Fushek has been charged with assault, indecent exposure, and five counts to contributing to the delinquency of a minor, violations he allegedly incurred while serving as pastor of St. Timothy's Catholic Church in Mesa...A man reportedly committed suicide last night inside a Motel 6 in Tempe, after barricading himself inside his room and having a standoff with police. According to the man's girlfriend, he had been depressed recently. Following the incident, police closed Priest Drive from Broadway Road to 14th street, but it has since reopened...After more than four decades with Salt River Project, SRP board president John Williams announced he will retire. Williams is also the owner of John M. Williams Farms in Laveen. SRP board Vice President David Rousseau will run unopposed for Williams' seat.

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