Hot Links: Downtown Phoenix Still Seeks Identity; Jury Still Out in Serial Shooter Case; Fast-Track Deportations of Criminals Concerns Immigration Advocates

City boosters want downtown Phoenix to have a "brand" -- as soon as someone can figure out what it might be... The jury is still out this morning in the trial of alleged serial shooter Dale Hausner after deliberating all day Friday -- is it really that hard?... Illegal immigrant advocates are complaining about a cost-saving move by the feds to deport people with criminal records as quickly as possible... Extra help for the jobless is coming in the form of a $25 a week raise in unemployment benefits from the feds -- thanks to taxpayers of the future... Those generous taxpayers are also coming to the rescue of unemployed people who can't afford health insurance, though some are complaining that the checks aren't coming quickly enough... The search continues for two missing NFL players, including the son of local sportscaster Bruce Cooper... Bet they didn't have smoke alarms: Mesa father and infant die in house fire... Arpaio weighs in on the speed camera debate, saying photo enforcement units are "stupid machines..." Allergy sufferers are going nuts as the pollen flies...



Downtown Phoenix marketing efforts ramp up

Jury still out in Hausner case

Los Angeles Times raises concern over fast-track deportation program

Unemployment benefit checks to rise under federal stimulus plan


Health insurance help from feds moving too slowly for some




Coast Guard still searching for NFL players missing off Florida coast


Arpaio prefers traffic stops to speed cameras 


Mesa house fire kills man and infant


Allergy season in full bloom

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