Hot Links: Dying Trees; New Governor Tells Agencies to Stop Making Rules; Hundreds at Tucson Protest of Possible University Budget Cuts

The trees are dying: Researchers publish an article in Science magazine claiming global warming's responsible for tree deaths from Arizona to Canada. It's a free-for-all: Governor Jan Brewer tells state agencies to stop issuing new rules and regulations. Hundreds of people protested the possible cuts of university funds in Tucson -- they should have passed around a donation plate. Arizona's five-star resorts get dissed by popular Mobil Travel Guide. He'll learn his lesson now: A southern Arizona man faces prison time for killing his son by leaving him in a sweltering car. Channel 15's on the body beat, with one corpse pulled out of a west Valley canal and skeletal remains found near Casa Grande. Jesus, it's actually good news: A 7-year-old boy's being hailed as a hero after he alerts his mom to an apartment fire.  


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