Hot Links: Exploding Boat, Arizona Diamondbacks' Win, and Poop

A Lake Havasu City man was injured after his boat exploded and threw him onto the dock. James Tucker, 65, suffered back pain and was taken to Laka Havasu City Regional Medical Center. The explosion is under investigation...The Deer Valley Unified School District will lay off 69 teachers, mostly kindergarten through sixth-grade instructors. The layoffs are meant to curb a budget deficit that could reach $26 million...After a nearly five-hour game, the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 9-7 early this morning. The tie-breaking victory came in the 11th inning, after Chris Young hit big with the bases loaded. Justin Upton had two home runs and scored three runs in the game. Stephen Drew also homered. And Mark Reynolds made three spectacular throw-outs to first from his knees...

A brush fire at Fort Huachuca led to the discovery of three bazooka rounds from World War II. An explosive-ordinance-disposal team from the Davis-Montham Air Force Base in Tucson will detonate the rounds...ASU campus police arrested a student for bizarre behavior on Saturday morning. According to reports, Andreas H. Hagland, who lives in the Sonora Center dorm, broke a bus-stop window, smashed a car windshield, and then defecated on the floor in the dorm hallway. Police believe he was intoxicated at the time...Tempe police have arrested three people they say stole more than $2,000 in clothing from Arizona Mills Mall. The suspects -- Demetrius Parker, Rebbe Bennett, and Veronica Lopez -- were caught on camera taking clothing from different stores and putting it in their vehicle. All three face felony shoplifting charges.

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