Hot Links: Grants, Temples, and Ear-Biting Cabbies

The federal government has awarded a $54 million grant to Arizona for the expansion and creation of charter schools. The state plans to open up to 92 new campuses...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints plans to build two temples in the Valley, one in Phoenix and one in Gilbert. The temple in Gilbert will sit upon 21 acres...A Franciscan priest and a Quaker were arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border near Tucson. The Pima County Sheriff's Office says the two refused to stop praying at a construction site for a virtual border fence...A cab driver in Chandler foiled a robbery attempt by biting the ear of his would-be robber and taking his gun. After a struggle, the suspect fled and was later arrested by police...The University of Arizona has canceled talks with St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center about jointly creating a cancer center downtown. St. Joseph's has partnered with Creighton University School of Medicine instead, leaving UA to look for a new downtown partner...And former Shadow Mountain High School teacher Thomas Krepelka, charged with having sex with a student, has changed his plea to "guilty" after another student came forward claiming she also had sex with him. 


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