Hot Links: Grenades For Sale, Injured Horses, and Jan Brewer

Department of Public Safety officers arrested three people last night for trying to sell live grenades. The suspects were arrested in the Maryvale neighborhood of west Phoenix. Officers say they are still looking for another suspect in the attempted sales...Last night, two horses were injured after the trailer they were being moved inside detached from a pickup truck. The horses were stranded on Loop 202 after the trailer banged into the guardrail several times, before coming to a stop...The warning sirens at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station will be tested today. The facility's 48 warning sirens surrounding the station will go off once at noon, and then again at 12:30 p.m....Local law enforcement agencies are looking the person who is believed to have sent sexually explicit letters to at least 80 young girls across Arizona. The letters started 10 years ago, when a 12-year-old Tucson girl was the

first to receive one. Since then, the suspect has branched out and sent letters to girls in Phoenix and Scottsdale, as well...A judge in Apache County will hear arguments today about whether the judge in the case of the St. Johns boy, who shot and killed his father and his father's friend, continues to oversee the case. The boy's defense lawyers say the judge is biased and had no authority to reject a plea agreement that would keep the boy out of jail...Governor Jan Brewer (shown in old or touched-up photo) is scheduled to fly to Austin, Texas, today to take part in the annual conference for the Republican Governor's Association. Brewer's trip comes on the heels of her calling for a special legislative session to work on the state budget.

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